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Sanjay K. Bhatnagar, Attorney at Law
Brandywine Plaza
2500 Grubb Road, Suite 240-B
Wilmington, DE 19810

  1. EXPERIENCED - Delaware Attorney Sanjay Kumar Bhatnagar (Sanjay) brings over 15 years of legal expertise and knowledge to his practice, which concentrates in the areas of business, government, and real estate. For the first of half of his legal career, Sanjay practiced at prominent law firms in Wilmington, Delaware as a corporate restructuring and bankruptcy attorney. He then entered the public sector, after being recruited for positions in the law departments for the City of Wilmington and New Castle County. In his government roles, Sanjay represented executive and legislative branches of government, finance departments and various boards and committees. Sanjay also earned an advanced degree in taxation from the Georgetown University School of Law.

    In addition, Sanjay brings a wealth of business and management experience to the table. Sanjay owns a real estate company with assets and operations throughout the mid-Atlantic region. He also serves as president of a condominium association for the largest high-rise building in the State of Delaware. 

  2. RECOGNIZED - Having practiced at the highest levels of the private and public sectors, Sanjay has substantial experience in dealing with business executives, boards of directors, finance professionals, entrepreneurs, elected and appointed government officials, community leaders and nonprofit organizations, and the media. Sanjay is widely recognized for his zealous and compassionate advocacy, diligent legal representation, and leadership abilities. For his efforts, Sanjay has received numerous awards and accolades, and most important to Sanjay, happy and satisfied clients from resolving complex problems and disputes on their behalf.    

  3. FIGHTING FOR YOU - Sanjay launched his solo law practice so that he could have the flexibility and opportunity to represent those individuals and entities who may not otherwise have access to quality representation. This is why Sanjay offers free initial consultations – he would like to hear your story and help you explore your options. If Sanjay is not suitable counsel for your specific needs, Sanjay would be pleased to introduce you to an attorney who may be a better fit. Should you retain Sanjay, he offers affordable rates, flat fee and contingency fee pricing structures depending on the specifics of your case. So please contact Sanjay K. Bhatnagar, Attorney at Law, for a free initial consultation so that he can fight hard for you.   


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